Bones are hard, rigid organs.
They form the skeleton. 

Did you know that an adult has 206 bones but a baby has about 300? 

And from these 206, can you tell me the name some of them?
Now that you have studied the bones, let's see if you remember the name and location in our body.
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Bones join together at joints.

They are two types of joints.

- Fixed joints are found where the bones don’t move.
-   - Moveable joints are found where bones move in one direction.
There are also some flexible and semi flexible joints.

Practise the different joints in our body by clicking here


Muscles are organs which are attached to the bones and help them to move.

Types of muscles

We have two types of muscles: voluntary (those that we can move when we want)and involuntary (those that we cannot control).

If you want to know more about muscles click here to watch a video. And here to watch another one.

Now let's see if you remember all the muscles. Click here to play.

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